As a part of our business, we are approved by major lenders like JP Morgan Chase, Alliant, Bank of The Internet, Citibank and others whereby we assist borrowers with their loan documentation who own multi-family (5 units and up) buildings refinance or secure financing for a purchase they are making. Recently we secured a 5 year fixed rate loan at only 3.75% with an option to pay interest only for the first 3 years, also it was without recourse against the borrower from the commercial / multi-family department of a major lender on a loan of $2.6MM. Interest rates have never been lower for apartment loans. Let our expertise go to work for you! Refinancing now makes so much sense if you own a building. Our regular business of purchasing Notes carried back by sellers of real estate is ongoing, as well as purchases of several bank owned 1st trust deeds recently, all of which is keeping us quite busy. Whatever your inquiry is about, please call click or fax over your quote request, we are never too busy to serve you!~

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