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Thursday, October 22nd, 2015

Many forces, internal and external have affected our business in 2015.  This year has been full of hardships and challenges, heartbreak and sorrow.  Unfortunately Maxwell Newfield had left our firm to pursue other ventures out of state early in the year.  Maxwell was our candidate to assume control of the company in the coming years, however his decision to rejoin his college classmates and other ventures in Oregon has taken him away from DMC and Southern California.   Maxwell has left on the best of terms and I wish him all the happiness in the world with his pursuits.  Maxwell is a hard worker, well skilled in the mortgage business with high ethics and attention to detail.  He is an asset to his new Oregon employer, a major credit union where he stands out and shines.   It is my hope that Maxwell will come back some day to take over DMC, but for the foreseeable future it is likely he will stay in Oregon.  The other major change is that Janice Newfield has decided to move on in her life after 34 years of togetherness and pursue another for herself.  While Janice was not a part of the business per se, you can say behind every good man there is a good woman and that woman is behind us no longer.  Some say change is for the best, all say change is inevitable.  Change has come quick and hard for DMC.  We who remain will try to do our best under the circumstances for our clients and customers.  We have experienced a downturn in the business from the changes taking place and from the marketplace in general that has slowed down quite a bit from last year.  We are still open and hoping to receive your call or inquiry regarding selling a Note or arranging a mortgage on an income property in Southern California.