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Sunday, July 14th, 2013

I am pleased to announce that my son, Maxwell S. Newfield has decided to join our firm. Max graduated Oregon State University in June and now is working at DMC. Max brings a youthful perspective and tech savvy presence to the office, as well as a positive attitude with eager enthusiasm to thoroughly learn the business. I am very proud to have a 4th generation Newfield in the business, in 1936 F.I. Newfield established a Real Estate Brokerage and a Real Estate Finance business in Los Angeles. Continuously since, a family member has carried on through the years.
Max is currently monitoring each loan we are vetting, currently we have 10 open Notes/Loans concurrently in processing. Max is a processing trainee, who is presently conducting due diligence with and completing the paperwork my guidance on each deal. Soon he will pass his DRE licensing requirements and be able to work independently as a full agent of the company, with supervision from me.
Our commitment to seeking high quality 1st position Notes secured by income-producing property located in So. California continues on. We also can assist or arrange loans on multi-family apartment buildings through low-cost, low-rate institutional lenders that we are correspondent representatives for, as well as private money refinances on those properties when your situation doesn’t quite fit conventional guidelines.
I have been in this business since April 1979 and plan to continue on until retirement age and now with Max on board the long term future never looked brighter.
Call, click, fax or scan your information over for a no obligation quote on how much your note is worth or how we can assist you in your multi-family or commercial financing needs, we are never too busy to hear from you!