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Sunday, March 3rd, 2013

Recently we bought a note in Santa Paula, CA. Ventura County is just north of the San Fernando Valley, here in Southern California. This particular property was a mixed-use parcel with a residental duplex in the front and a long lot that opened up in the rear that had 2 large commercial metal sided buildings on it and ample parking.

This property was difficult to evaluate becuase there was nothing quite like it in the area. The property sold in 2012 after being rented by the buyer for 15 years prior. The buyer had good credit and demonstrated his ability to make timely payments. The majority of the property was rented out, with the rents covering the mortgage payment with no problem.

This is the type of Note we look for. I was able to quote a price and put the deal together with the out-of-town note seller within only 7 business days.

Feel free to reach out to us and get a quote on your seller-financed loan and get fast results.