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Appreciation and our message to our customers

Tuesday, December 20th, 2011

Being busy is usually a good thing. Our volume of deals to close by year end kept us from a blog entry in November and finally we have a breather to post one for December. In our business you never know what the day will bring. Over the nearly 33 years I have been in this business people got to know me and our firm. While it is rare to have a repeat customer sell us a note, it is not unusual to hear from somebody we bought a note from back in 2000 or even the 90’s call us with another note to sell now.
We have been in our present location for 19 years and prior to that in the city of Orange for another 7, prior to that, starting in L.A. back in 1979. Sometimes we have note sellers drop by, sometimes hear from them by e-mail and we receive holiday cards from folks I did business with way back who still want to keep in touch.
There is something to be said about experience, service and performance. We are proud to tout all three here at DMC. As we go on to 2012, with an underlying depressed real estate market and uncertain economy, financial troubles for many Americans and certainly a looming financial crisis in Europe which will affect our banking system and ability to borrow, you can be assured that doing business with our firm will bring knowledge and experience to the table that you can’t necessary count on elsewhere.
If you are considering selling your Note, or have a multi-family property that you would like to refinance, give us a call or send us an e-mail with the information for a free and no obligation quote. Have a joyous holiday season and we’ll be looking forward to a strong year in 2012!